Club Growth Director’s Corner

DEC #1 Club Growth Director Report


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Reflection on Last Year

We ended the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year with 7 fewer clubs than we started with, including chartering 6 new clubs, so we lost a total of 13 clubs last year.

6 clubs started 2017-2018 below 8 members. 

Our objective this year is to be Select Distinguished.  This means we need to not lose any clubs and create 10 new clubs by March to meet both the club growth and membership growth targets.

We have 12 ATOs currently on file, 4 filed in 2015, 5 filed in 2016, and 3 filed in 2017. 

Aside from new clubs we need to focus on existing clubs.  There are 48 clubs with only 8-12 members that we need to stabilize.


Go back to basics. Identify leads, follow-up on opportunities.

DEC #1 - Club Growth Committee Report

The Club Growth Committees are collectively called the District Marketing Team.

The team is still being built, and I'm looking for volunteers from all divisions to participate.  Division Directors I'm asking you to help me find volunteers for these positions.

Club Extension Chair, chairs the Club Extension Committee and the Club Sponsor Committee. 

Club Quality Chair, chairs the Club Mentor Committee.

Club Retention Chair [Muriel How], chairs the Club Coach Committee. 

DEC #1 - Training #1 - New Clubs

I presented a modified version of "Establish and Support New Clubs".

The big takeaway is that we are all in sales, and there is a sales process to follow when trying to create a new club. 

More details can be found in the participant workbook and the facilitators guide.

DEC #1 - Training #2 - Club Coaching

Presented "The First Class Club Coach".  

The most important thing I'd like club coaches to take away from this presentation is to first listen and understand the current situation before suggesting improvements or changes to the club. 

More information on club coaching can be found here: "CLUB SPONSOR, MENTOR AND COACH TRAINING"